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Mini Pedi-Karma treatment $45

Get the royal treatment with this wonderful Ayurvedic reflexology treatment of the feet! Ancient, yet effective techniques using marma points (or energy points) are located in the feet in order to access the entire body, including the internal organs. With the use of Ayurvedic sea salts, gentle exfoliation is provided to cleanse the feet, and with warm herbal oils,  soft circular massage is performed to stimulate nerve endings. A wonderful tool from India, the Kansa Vataki massage bowl, is implemented into the treatment for its widely known healing effects. The treatment in its entirety has the ability to relieve pain, inflammation, arthritis, headaches and insomnia, as well as the ability to boost immunity and digestion. 30 minute treatment.

Pedi-Karma treatment $70

Extend the exotic Mini Pedi-Karma treatment into a 60 minute treatment of pure tranquility and optimal healing with the full Pedi-Karma therapy!

Shirodhara Therapy $85

This is the most-requested Ayurvedic treatment offered by holistic day spas today. This beautiful, profoundly relaxing treatment involves pouring a stream of warm oil over the forehead. Shirodhara is a powerful treatment for relieving mental stress and nervous tension. As oil is poured on the forehead, the nervous system is deeply stilled, the brain waves slow down and become quieted. More life energy, oxygen, and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain, which therefore enlightens the mind, stabilizes mood, and improves the ability to handle stress.

Yogurt and Coconut Milk Bath $50

For centuries, milk has been used for skin care. Milk does not only contain emollient fats, but modern science has revealed the presence of lactic acid, which is one of the most commonly used Alpha Hydroxy Acids in skin care due to it's ability to penetrate the skin. This in turn allows for nutrients to repair deeper into the dermis. Coconut oil specifically is known for improving such things as cholesterol, magnesium and calcium absoption, and reduction of inflammatory pathologies. Skin is exfoliated ( like getting a peel for your body!) and  cells regenerate, leaving the skin silky smooth. Indulge in this delicately prepared soak containing yogurt for extra exfoliation, coconut milk for healing and nutrition,  plus honey, lavender, patchouli, and hazel nut oils  for a full-body aromatherapy and skin repairing treatment! This treatment is also available with regular non-fat milk.

Persian Sunset Argan Oil Bath Soak $50

Argan oil is one of the finest, rarest oils in the world, originating from the Argan trees of Morocco. For centuries, Argan oil has been known for its healing properties and anti-aging qualities. Argan oil enhances the overall structure and elasticity of the skin, hair and nails, and it is a natural solution to defend the skin against premature aging, free radicals, and UV exposure. Soak in our luscious Argan oil bath and experience the exotic fragrances and softening effects this majestic oil has on your body.

Mud Bath $75

Mud baths have been a healing therapy since ancient times. Natural organic moor is a hydrosoluble, rich, black magma containing minerals, amino acids, phyto-hormones, vitamin enzymes, natural antibiotics, and humic and salicylic acid. Not only is mud bathing immensely relaxing, but mud baths also promote radiant complexions, detoxify the skin, ease muscle tension, alleviate inflammation and soothe arthritis-related joint pain. Used for centuries, organic peat moor mud is also traditionally used for its strong ability to preserve and nourish the skin and body as a whole. Our mud is water soluble for use in our beautiful and relaxing clawfoot jetted tubs.